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El Cajon is a beautiful box canyon less than an hour's drive from San Josť. A beautiful walk through this arroyo surrounds you in high granite and basalt walls, and at the end of your journey a waterfall cascades down to meet you.


A trip to a local cemetery is not for everyone, but if you want to see history, and observe first hand the local population's relationship with its dead, this is the trip for you.


If you are here in the Winter months, you will find the natural hot springs of Santa Rita a truly delightful experience. Serenely soak in the pools surrounded by wild fig and palm trees, granite boulders, and local flora at its best.


Los Cabos is a leading apiary center. If you aren't afraid of bees, you can join us on this tour to see how honey is harvested and even participate in the process.


Come visit the friendly locals in the many small towns and villages where local craftsmen show their wares. You can buy homemade carne seca (beef jerky) or orejones (dried mangos) depending on the season.


Take a short hike through some of the most beautiful desert country where often there are deep natural pools and where you will find hundred year old zalates (wild fig trees), among the diverse flora and fauna found in this area.


Rancho Palo Verde lies high in the mountains of San Lazaro. This typical ranch has all types of animals and houses, as well as a huge boulder displaying the cave paintings of long ago.


Are you interested in discovering the medicinal plants common to the area? Take a walk through the desert with a native familiar with this old lore.